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Sunnyside Tomatoes
Nutrition Facts

Roma tomatoes, canola oil, olive oil, spices, citric acid.

Sunnyside Tomatoes

With hundreds of sun dried tomatoes on the market, what makes ours so special? Well, we use mid-sized roma tomatoes, which are the most flavorful and tender. If you like the intense tomato taste, one or two tomatoes can flavor an entire salad. Secondly, these tomatoes are vine ripened and oven dried. Many companies who offer sun dried tomatoes have to add sulfites and other preservatives. Our entire range of products is free of chemicals and we prefer it that way. We pack these tomatoes in a combination of premium olive oil and canola oil so that they remain crystal clear (and don't coagulate) under refrigeration.

Serving Suggestions
Serving Suggestions

  • Layer Sweet Bells, Hot & Spicy Asparagus, and Sunnysides with Italian cold cuts and provolone cheese for an exciting antipasto.
  • Mix into a cold pasta salad for great flavor.
  • Use in any recipe that calls for sun dried tomatoes.