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Suggested Uses

Tillen Farms Pickled Vegetables are Suitable Year-Round

Because of their unique, all-natural processing, their fresh flavor is maintained virtually forever. Tillen Farms Pickled Vegetables keep their crispy crunchiness, appearance and taste indefinitely. No other marinated product can compare - because no other marinated product can make that claim. Tillen Farms Pickled Vegetables can be served as hors d'oeuvre, in salads, with cocktails, and added to pasta dishes. No matter what the season, Tillen Farms Pickled Vegetables are in season!

Using Pickled and Spiced Asparagus

  • Wrap Asparagus in procuitto or Westphalian ham for an enticing appetizer.
  • Toss Asparagus into a fresh green salad or a colorful pasta.
  • Serve as open-faced hors d'oeuvre such as a pumpernickel round topped with smoked salmon and Asparagus or a toast triangle topped with sliced hard-boiled egg and Asparagus.

NOTE: Occasionally, a harmless gray flecking will appear on the Asparagus. This is perfectly edible, pure protein precipitate called asparagines, a naturally occurring part of the pickling process.

Using Crunchy Carrots

  • Mix Carrots with Snappers into homemade potato salad.
  • For a nice sweet and sour taste, arrange Carrots with cut celery stalks which have been filled with cream cheese and date spread.
  • Blend Carrots with dilled cucumber salad.

Using Hot & Spicy Beans

  • Wrap Beans in roast beef, thinly sliced boiled ham or smoked turkey slices and serve on an hors d'oeuvre platter.
  • Use Beans as a surprise swizzle stick in Bloody Mary cocktails.
  • Combine Beans with other Tillen Farms veggies for an appetizing condiment or in a dip presentation, straight from the jar.

Using "Snappers" - Sugar Snap Peas

  • Prize-winning Snappers are an ideal complement to cocktails and an excellent martini garnish.
  • Use crunchy Snappers in combination with Greek olives, Sweet Bells and grated hard cheese for an unusual pasta salad.
  • Layer cocktail shrimp salad and Snappers onto Belgian endive leaves.
  • Top a healthy chicken salad with a "crown" of Snappers.

Using "Sweet Bells" - Bell Peppers

  • Arrange Sweet Bells, thinly sliced Italian cold cuts, provolone cheese, olives, anchovy and fresh sliced fennel in spirals for a beautiful antipasto platter.
  • Roll Sweet Bells around tuna salad or goat cheese spread, chill and slice onto cocktail rounds to serve.
  • Layer Sweet Bells onto sliced cooked eggplant, drizzle with garlic-flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar and cut into pieces secured with a serving pick.

Using "Sunnysides" - Dried Tomatoes

  • Add Sunnysides on pizza or in a chilled pasta salad or even in an omelet.
  • Sliced Sunnysides and fresh mozzarella cheese for a superb no-fuss appetizer.

Save the Juice!

  • Create the ultimate "Dirty Martini" by adding Tillen Farms brine!
  • Whisk extra virgin olive oil and Dijon Mustard into the brine for a flavorful salad dressing or marinade.