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Crispy Vegetables
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Pickled Baby Cucumbers
Nutrition Facts

Cucumbers, water, distilled White Vinegar, Salt, Fresh Garlic, Fresh White Onion, Fresh Dill, Calcium Chloride & Natural Flavor.

Pickled Baby Cucumbers

12.3 oz. jar
6-Pack (6 x 12.3 oz. jar)
$7.02 per jar - save $4.00!
12-Pack (12 x 12.3 oz. jar)
$6.86 per jar - save $10.00!
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Tree Nut Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Kosher Certified

Tillen Farms Pickled Baby Cucumbers (also known as Cornichons) may look like pickles, but they are not. Instead they are a species of cucumbers that produces a smaller fruit. Hand-picked and hand-packed at one to two inches in length, they are perfectly pickled with fresh onions and fresh garlic, and are incredibly crisp.

Serving Suggestions
Serving Suggestions

  • A wonderful addition with crudités, meats and cheeses
  • Chopped up in a salad, on a sandwich, hot dog or burger
  • Skewer a Bloody Mary
  • A healthy, carb-free, low calorie snack out of the jar!